Lawn Care Atlanta Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub CareUnlimited Landscaping Atlanta provides a healthy landscape with our tree and shrub program that consist of 7 applications of integrated pest management. Integrated pest management is a program of reducing insect and disease problems by keeping the landscape healthy, monitoring frequently for potential problems, and when necessary, treating those problems.

Round 1- Early spring Preventative

Specific ornamental trees and shrubs are treated with Horticultural Oil and insecticide. This application coats the plants and smothers overwintering insect eggs.

Round 2-6 – Mid spring, Late spring, and late summer Insect and Disease Controls

Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines, we treat targeted trees and shrubs for specific insects and diseases. These treatments are designed to minimize damage caused by the insects and diseases. This application also consist of a liquid slow release fertilizer to keep your plants feed.

Round 7 – Early winter Preventative

This is a second application of Horticultural Oil and insecticide designed to smother insects and their eggs before they enter the winter season.
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