Five Ways to Achieve a Green Lawn without Grass

With most houses, having a front yard covered with grass is considered the standard look, but with recent trends shifting to individuality among personal property, other forms of plant life have begun taking the place of grass. Green is still the color of choice for your outdoor property, but when it comes to taking care of a lawn every weekend, many people have begun ditching the grassy field for something that looks different and even has a little less upkeep involved. These are the five different green yards you can have instead of grass.

  1. Moss
    If your property is covered well with shade, then you know how hard it can be to grow grass. That doesn’t mean you are doomed to a large expanse of dirt scattered with weeds, though. Planting moss is a great option for those who cannot grow any grass in their yards. It is a green carpet-like plant that thrives in shaded moist areas, which will naturally hinder any weeds from growing. Moss even grows well in compacted soil, and can give you the green look you want with little maintenance involved, besides keeping it off trees or other plants that you do not want covered with moss.
  2. Edible Garden
    Imagine walking out to your yard and picking the day’s fruits and vegetables. This garden can take up part or all of your lawn depending on how many different fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens you want to plant and what varieties of each. Like most gardens you are aware of planting anything is usually in a row all clumped together. Of course with a garden of fruits and vegetables, you have the opportunity to flex your creativity and design an aesthetically pleasing layout where you can organize your plants however you want. You can designate space to divide fruits and vegetables, organize by color, or employ whatever other methods you think would look best.
  3. Ivy
    Much like moss, ivy is a great substitute for a yard with too much shade for grass to grow the way it should. This plant is easy to grow and in a matter of time will spread everywhere. The only maintenance needed is to simply cut back the ivy from growing where you don’t want it. With ivy around your property, you can have a ground cover that is nice and green, but a bit taller than moss.
  4. Woodland Garden
    Growing a forest on your property can bring about a variety of plant life options that can give you a beautiful look and a bit of privacy from others. When it comes to a property with a lot of trees, laying pine straw and planting bushes and plants, such as ferns and moss, without a need for direct sunlight can turn an open area to a legitimate forest. Once you have the woodland garden started, the hard part is over because it will not need any watering, fertilizer, or mowing. Plus it provides a sanctuary for animal and bug life that will benefit the ecosystem you have created. If you love walking through the woods, minimal work, a wide variety of plant and animal life, and a bit of privacy, then a woodland garden is ideal for your property.
  5. Artificial Grass
    You may be thinking of a cheap and plastic looking short cut grass, but with advancements in artificial turf you can design the perfect lawn and never have to work on it again. You can have the shorter-cut, green Astroturf if you want, but with a variety of lengths, styles, and textures available, you could have a lawn that your next door neighbor wouldn’t even notice was fake. Artificial grass is for those who cannot grow grass in their yard easily or those who do not have the means to work in the yard for various reasons. It will stay a perfect length and color year round without any needs. Artificial grass is no longer a cheaply-made alternative to giving up, and if you want a green lawn without any hassle after the installation, then artificial turf could be your answer.

Grass is certainly not your only option when it comes to your front and back yard. It may be the default with most houses, but with a variety of plant life and with many designer options, you can be the one house on the block that breaks from the norm and does something that others will talk about for years to come. Keep in mind that a professional landscaping technician can help you transform your yard into the desired look you want when you are through with grass.